Julianne & Justin

Julianne and Justin met while they were both undergraduates at Cornell University.  While most of Julianne’s friends were abroad the second semester of her junior year, she was unable to go since she was in the engineering school.  During that semester, her sorority hosted a dated wine tour.  Julianne asked another girl in her house if her boyfriend knew anyone who would be willing to go with her “as a friend.”  After being presented with several choices, Julianne chose Justin because he was “the least weird.”

They both realized immediately that the chemistry between them was palpable.  Their comfort level was striking, especially for two people who had barely spoken prior to that point.  As Julianne likes to say, from the very beginning, things with Justin were always so “effortless.”

Fast forward four years, and Justin was ready to pop the big question.  After spending a summer working at a law firm, he knew had the perfect cover to lure Julianne to the perfect proposal place.  He told Julianne that the firm was hosting an event for new associates at the top of the Empire State Building.  After heading up to the 102nd floor and Justin suspiciously refusing Julianne’s offer to hold his jacket (something that was very much unusual), Justin turned to Julianne and explained the commitment he was prepared to make.  As he descended to one knee, tourists from all over the world hurried over to take pictures.  Although Julianne never actually said “Yes,” her eyes and her tears made her response crystal clear.  After enjoying a few minutes together soaking in the moment and soaking in the views, the newly engaged couple returned to the ground floor and hopped in a cab back to their apartment so that they could call their family and friends.  Little did Julianne know that the surprises weren’t yet finished.  When she arrived at their apartment, a party greeted her where all of her friends and family were waiting to congratulate the couple.

Wedding Date: September 6, 2015
Venue: Woodbury Jewish Center
Caterer: Regal Caterers
Band: The Jeff Lubin Band from Hank Lane
Flowers: Privet in Teaneck, NJ
Lighting: Fusion Lighting
Bride’s Dress: Pronovias
Groom’s Tuxedo: Woodbury Men’s Shop
Photo booth: Incredibooths
Limo Service: Ultimate Class Limousine

Thank you Julianne and Justin for sharing your fabulous day with us!

Julianne & JustinJulianne & JustinJulianne & JustinJulianne & JustinJulianne & JustinJulianne & JustinJulianne & JustinJulianne & Justin

Lauren & David

Lauren and David met in the summer of 2012 at a mutual friend’s pool party.  The couple laid eyes on each other but didn’t hit it off until they found themselves in the same place January 2013 at the same friend’s birthday party.  David then asked Lauren out for their first date, and the rest is history!!  The couple went on one date and they both had a feeling that each other were “the one”.  David and Lauren both have a similar sense of humor, they “get” each other, and they are both very family oriented.  David proposed by showing Lauren a video he had made one morning where he professed his love to her and at the end of the video, he got down on one knee and proposed.  Lauren was then surprised by having both of their families together celebrating with them for the weekend.

Wedding Date: September 26, 2015
Venue: Old Westbury Golf & Country Club
Band: Karen Lloyd from Henry Marks Agency (Hank Lane)
Flowers: Andrew Pascoe
Dress: Christos

Thank you Lauren and David for sharing your special day with us!

Lauren & DavidLauren & DavidLauren & DavidLauren & DavidLauren & DavidLauren & David

Erika & Kenny

Erika and Kenny go way back to High School but it wasn’t until later in life they realized they were true soul mates.

The couple realized it was love one summer night out at a bar. Their extremely powerful eye contact kept Kenny on Erika’s mind and the rest was history!

Kenny proposed at South Pine Creek Beach in Fairfield, CT. He told Erika that he met the home owners of the house they both loved right on the beach and they wanted to have him over to discuss putting their house on the market. Every time the couple went to South Pine Creek beach, they both would say “that is our dream house”. So Kenny tricked Erika into thinking the homeowners wanted to have them over for a drink to discuss the house. As the couple walked onto the beach to get to the front of their beachfront house, a blanket with rose petals & champagne were set up. Kenny got down on one knee and asked Erika to marry him.

Erika never thought for a moment in high school that her and Kenny would ever date. You just really never know where life takes you and whom you will run into years later!

Thank you Erika and Kenny for sharing your story with us!

Erika & KennyErika & KennyErika & KennyErika & KennyErika & Kenny

Aviva & Rafi

Aviva and Rafi met at a wedding in LA in December of 2012. They also lived down the block from one another in NYC at the same time. Aviva was a bridesmaid in the wedding and Rafi noticed her walking down the isle. Aviva thought he was cute so introduced herself after the ceremony. About a month later, Aviva invited Rafi to her apartment for a Shabbos dinner she was hosting, and that weekend, he asked her out!

The couple realized it was love when Aviva got into medical school in Israel, and they embarked on a 2-year long distance relationship.

Rafi proposed on the rowboats in Central Park. The couple had spent time there when they were dating, so they went to the same spot, where Rafi had arranged for a violinist to be there, and one of his closest friends to take pictures. It was beautiful!

Aviva and Rafi were married immediately after Aviva took step 1 of the medical boards, right before they had to be back in Israel for Aviva to start her internal medicine rotation. It was quite a whirlwind! Aviva was home for about 6 weeks leading up to the wedding, and was studying the entire time, so it was quite busy!

The couple had a gorgeous wedding with amazing caterers. Check out some amazing moments of the night that were captured below!

Wedding date: 8/23/15

Venue: Temple Emanu-el Closter, NJ
Florist: Spitz and Peck
Dress: Monique Lhuillier

Thank you Aviva & Rafi for sharing your love story with us!

Aviva & RafiAviva & RafiAviva & RafiAviva & RafiAviva & Rafi

Jessica & Devin

Jessica & Devin met on their very first day of college at Syracuse University. They were just friends for a few years before their friendship turned serious. This was definitely not your “love at first sight” story! For a while, Jess thought Devin was a country bumpkin from Pennsylvania. Devin thought Jess was a typical “sorority girl” who went to Syracuse like every other Long Islander. It took three years for these two to realize how much they shared in common: deep love of family, positive outlook on life, and their mutual passion for traveling and exploring the world. In fact, Jess and Devin starting dating while living in different countries during their semesters abroad. Devin (in London) knew things were getting serious when he received a call (not skype) from Jess (in Italy) on her first night abroad saying she missed him. Jess’ story states that she was crying because she “missed home.” Devin capitalized on the opportunity and immediately asked Jess what she was doing the weekend of Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day in Florence = end of story. The rest is recent history!

Jess was under the impression that Devin wanted to wait until they lived together to pop the question. Little did Jess know, Devin was fooling her the entire time. Devin actually asked Jess’ father for his daughter’s hand months before the topic of getting engaged was ever on the table. One rainy Friday evening, Jess thought she and Devin were having a nice dinner out with friends on the UES-a typical Friday. Since it was raining, there were no available cabs in sight and Uber was 2.5X, so Jess decided to hop on the MTA bus and go directly to the restaurant. This threw Devin for a loop because he had planned to lure Jess out of the cab when she stopped to pick him up on the way. When Devin heard Jess was on a bus, he thought “Oh no, how am I going to get her off the bus and over to my apartment before dinner?” He created a longwinded reason why Jess immediately needed to get off the bus and into a cab, which Jess found peculiar because “typical Devin” would be thrilled about a $2.50 bus fee instead of a cab fare upwards of $15 in NYC traffic on a Friday night. However, this didn’t make Jess suspicious; she just thought Devin was in the mood to spend! Devin got Jess off the bus, into a cab, out of the cab, and into the Duane Reade under his building to “pick out ice cream for dessert,” as the plan was to have dessert and champagne at their friends’ apartment after dinner. As Devin led Jess to the freezer aisle, he said “pick out the flavor you would like” which was totally normal for Devin to say, being the gentleman that he is. Jess, of course, threw another curve ball and exclaimed “Oh, obviously Haagen-Dazs! It’s the best!” Devin, already on his knee and not understanding why Jess isn’t seeing the obvious, uttered “How about Ben & Jerry’s?” to which Jess replied, “Dev, if you want to pick it out, why did you give me the choice?” yet obeyed his request and started rattling off Ben & Jerry’s flavors. “Cherry Garcia, Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch,…..and O.M.G. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!” Jess spotted 5 Ben & Jerry’s containers that read, “Jess, Will You Marry Me?” as the flavor. She turned to Devin, who was still down on one knee, and he asked Jess to marry him. While in shock, Jess managed to forget to allow Devin to put the ring on her finger before hugging him and exclaiming “Uh, YES!!!” Finally, Devin put the ring on Jess’s finger, which was the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen. The fancy Duane Reade lighting really made that thing sparkle! There were also paparazzi hired for this proposal: Devin’s sister Lauren and her boyfriend Matt, who documented the whole thing with photos and a video. Just what Jess had hoped for! The two then went off to a surprise dinner with their parents, and had the best night and weekend telling friends and family the big news while celebrating with lots of champagne!

Wedding date: 7/25/15
Venue: Liberty Warehouse
Florist: Rebecca Shepard
Lighting: Pegasus Productions
Band: Hank Lane Productions; Dane Wright Band
Paper: Fancy That
Wedding Coordinator: Joanna Solazzo, Maid to the Maids
Food trucks: Ben and Jerry’s
DJ: DJ Request
Cake: Madison Lee
Tux: The Black Tux
Hair: Styles on B
Make Up: Natalie Sky
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Veil: Suzanne’s Hat Shop

Thank you Jessica & Devin for sharing your amazing story with us!

Jessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & Devin