Maria & Michael

Mike was Maria’s brother Michael’s best friend ever since they were 16 years old. Years passed and her brother chose Mike to be his best man at his wedding. Maria said, “The day of my brother’s wedding our eyes met. Mike actually asked for my brother’s permission to ask me out on a date!”

Their first date was at a Yankees game on July 22, 2011 in Staten Island. It didn’t take long for the two to realize this was it! Not even a month later they said, “I love you” to one another.

Maria’s parents own a house upstate and it was like any other summer morning (July 5, 2014) where Mike would wake her up at 8 am and they would go for a nice walk to a farm a couple of miles down the road. At this particular farm there is a platform where they always walked up to look over the farm to take a little break before heading back to the house. As soon as they got to the farm Mike was eager to show her something on the platform they always sit on. Once Maria walked up to him he was standing by a burlap sign tied to two tree branches behind the ledge they sit on and it read “Maria will you marry me?” Being that it was 8:30 am, Maria was in complete shock and had no clue he had planned this whole proposal with her brother and younger sister. Mike came from behind the ledge got down on one knee and then asked her the big question!

Congratulations Maria & Michael and thank you for sharing your story with us!

Wedding Date- 12-13-14. Maria said this was the chosen date, “So Mike would ALWAYS remember our anniversary ;).”

Venue – Bear Mountain Inn (Bear Mountain, New York)
DJ – Dancetime Entertainment
Flowers – Jerome Flowers
Limousine – Silver Star Limousine
Dress – Yaki Ravid

Maria & MichaelMaria & MichaelMaria & MichaelMaria & MichaelMaria & Michael

Nikki & DJ

Nikki and DJ met briefly in 2008 through a mutual friend and then just kind of went their own way. They had mutual friends and would occasionally bump into each other the next few years. In 2010 the two they ran into each other outside of the nightclub they were going to that night. This evening would end up being that special time of “where it all began”! They ended up spending the entire night together and had an amazing time! DJ did not waste any time, he made plans to see Nikki the very next day. After four nights of watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall they knew this was it and they have been together ever since!

Nikki said, “I think we both realized it was true love after just a few weeks of being together. Our chemistry together was amazing! We both shares so many of the same values and just got each other from the get go. We are able to fully be ourselves with each other!”

DJ proposed on September 18th 2013. Nikki was working a trade show at the Javitz center. She said, “He kept asking me when I was going to be home from the show (I knew something was up!).” When Nikki walked out of the show and was looking to hail a cab she received a call from a driver, DJ had ordered a car service to bring her home. When Nikki got home he was waiting outside with their dog Harley and suggested that they take him for a walk on the pier by their west village apartment. Nikki said, “On the walk out to the end of the pier he kept talking about how much I meant to him, it was when we got to the end of the pier he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.” The surprises continued, Nikki then found out that all of her family & friends knew about the proposal and he had arranged for everyone to meet at a local restaurant for celebratory drinks!

Congratulations Nikki & DJ! Thank you for sharing your fabulous day with us!

Wedding Date- 12/13/14
Venue- The Village Club at Lake Success
Photography/video – Anthony Vazquez
Flowers – Pedestals
Linens – table wraps
Lighting – Fusion
Band- Pete Saunders of Hank lane
Bride’s Dress- Custom made dress by Les Noces Couture

Nikki & DJNikki & DJNikki & DJNikki & DJNikki & DJ

Melody & Danny

Melody and Danny met through one of her co-workers and Danny’s sister in law. Melody said, “Danny knew we were going to get married on our third date, when we grabbed bagels and took them to Port Washington to eat breakfast by the water. It took me until about our fifth date, when Danny took me to dinner in Long Beach knowing how much I loved the beach. I still had nothing invested in the date, so I threw off my heels and ran straight towards the ocean. And Danny, not missing a beat, chased right after me. I knew I would marry him when I saw him laughing even though he was drenched and cold.”

In December as a 6 month anniversary gift Danny booked a weekend in the Hamptons for the couple to go enjoy in March. Melody arrived at his apartment the morning they were supposed to head out, and Danny asked her to go into his bedroom to grab his wallet. When she walked in she saw the room decorated with about 50 picture frames filled with pictures of all their milestones and memories. There were flowers and candles everywhere. Before he got down on one knee, they looked at all the pictures, and danced to “their” song in the middle of the bedroom. This small detail your about to read will explain why Melody was thrown off before he actually asked her to marry him. Danny did a psych-out proposal about 3 weeks before he actually proposed. He took her to the restaurant where they had shared their first date. Danny placed a ring box on the table during dessert but the ring box contained a necklace. Luckily for him, melody has a sense of humor and thought it was funny, but it also made her think this was just another romantic moment and not a proposal!

A special thanks to Melody & Danny for sharing your special day with us!

Wedding Date: Nov. 29, 2014
Venue & Vendor info: Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation, RAM Caterers
Bride’s Dress: Victor Harper Couture

Melody & DannyMelody & DannyMelody & DannyMelody & Danny

Elizabeth & Daniel

Elizabeth and Daniel initially met on the Long Island Railroad. They were sitting with people who all knew each other. They quickly learned that they both attended NYU and the rest is history! They ended up falling in love at school.

Elizabeth was teaching first grade last year. On a Wednesday in April, she walked into her classroom to discover that Daniel was standing there with all of her students holding flowers, pictures, and signs that said, “Lizzy, will you marry me?”

The wedding was held on the night before Thanksgiving and it was the first snowfall of the season!

Congratulations Elizabeth and Daniel! Thank you for sharing your special day with us!

The Wedding Date – 11/26/14
Venue – Rockleigh Country Club in NJ
Bride’s Dress – Pronovias

Elizabeth & DanielElizabeth & DanielElizabeth & DanielElizabeth & DanielElizabeth & DanielElizabeth & DanielElizabeth & DanielElizabeth & Daniel

Bari & Blake

Bari and Blake initially met at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Blake graduated two years ahead of Bari. The two were only acquaintances in college until Blake neared the end of his first year of law school and Bari was going into her senior year at GW. This was when they started dating!

They reconnected at a mutual friend’s karaoke birthday party. They hit it off while singing and dancing to the catchy “Thong Song” by Sisqo. The next day Blake asked Bari out on Facebook. Despite her not being 21 yet, they went out for drinks for “the first date”!

The proposal took place on 11/9/2013, which was Veteran’s Day weekend. Bari is an NYC public school teacher and the schools were closed for the holiday, so she had a long weekend off. Blake took the Monday off from work and they went out east to Long Island for the weekend. There wasn’t much to do in November in the Hamptons so they decided to spend the day at Bedell Winery on the North Fork. Little did Bari know, Blake had this planned out for months. As soon as the couple arrived at the winery they were escorted to the loft, which was a small area overlooking the tasting room. After a tour of the winery, a cheese platter and a wine tasting later, they decided to order a bottle of their favorite wine and spend the rest of the day there. Bari was just enjoying this moment and before she knew it Blake was on one knee! She said,” I was completely taken by surprise.” But the surprises for the day weren’t over. Just a few minutes later both their families came running up the stairs! Bari’s father had called a local photographer earlier that week so the entire proposal was capture. Bari initially thought the photographer worked for the winery, but soon enough realized she was there for the beautiful proposal Blake had planned!

Wedding Date – November 22nd, 2014
Venue- Ceremony and Reception took place at Cipriani 42nd Street.
Vendors included Marianne Bennett, DeJuan Stroud, Foremost Caterers
Photographer – Anthony Vazquez Photography
Brides’ Dress – Vera Wang “Eliza” Dress

Bari & BlakeBari & BlakeBari & BlakeBari & BlakeBari & Blake