Jessica & Devin

Jessica & Devin met on their very first day of college at Syracuse University. They were just friends for a few years before their friendship turned serious. This was definitely not your “love at first sight” story! For a while, Jess thought Devin was a country bumpkin from Pennsylvania. Devin thought Jess was a typical “sorority girl” who went to Syracuse like every other Long Islander. It took three years for these two to realize how much they shared in common: deep love of family, positive outlook on life, and their mutual passion for traveling and exploring the world. In fact, Jess and Devin starting dating while living in different countries during their semesters abroad. Devin (in London) knew things were getting serious when he received a call (not skype) from Jess (in Italy) on her first night abroad saying she missed him. Jess’ story states that she was crying because she “missed home.” Devin capitalized on the opportunity and immediately asked Jess what she was doing the weekend of Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day in Florence = end of story. The rest is recent history!

Jess was under the impression that Devin wanted to wait until they lived together to pop the question. Little did Jess know, Devin was fooling her the entire time. Devin actually asked Jess’ father for his daughter’s hand months before the topic of getting engaged was ever on the table. One rainy Friday evening, Jess thought she and Devin were having a nice dinner out with friends on the UES-a typical Friday. Since it was raining, there were no available cabs in sight and Uber was 2.5X, so Jess decided to hop on the MTA bus and go directly to the restaurant. This threw Devin for a loop because he had planned to lure Jess out of the cab when she stopped to pick him up on the way. When Devin heard Jess was on a bus, he thought “Oh no, how am I going to get her off the bus and over to my apartment before dinner?” He created a longwinded reason why Jess immediately needed to get off the bus and into a cab, which Jess found peculiar because “typical Devin” would be thrilled about a $2.50 bus fee instead of a cab fare upwards of $15 in NYC traffic on a Friday night. However, this didn’t make Jess suspicious; she just thought Devin was in the mood to spend! Devin got Jess off the bus, into a cab, out of the cab, and into the Duane Reade under his building to “pick out ice cream for dessert,” as the plan was to have dessert and champagne at their friends’ apartment after dinner. As Devin led Jess to the freezer aisle, he said “pick out the flavor you would like” which was totally normal for Devin to say, being the gentleman that he is. Jess, of course, threw another curve ball and exclaimed “Oh, obviously Haagen-Dazs! It’s the best!” Devin, already on his knee and not understanding why Jess isn’t seeing the obvious, uttered “How about Ben & Jerry’s?” to which Jess replied, “Dev, if you want to pick it out, why did you give me the choice?” yet obeyed his request and started rattling off Ben & Jerry’s flavors. “Cherry Garcia, Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch,…..and O.M.G. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!” Jess spotted 5 Ben & Jerry’s containers that read, “Jess, Will You Marry Me?” as the flavor. She turned to Devin, who was still down on one knee, and he asked Jess to marry him. While in shock, Jess managed to forget to allow Devin to put the ring on her finger before hugging him and exclaiming “Uh, YES!!!” Finally, Devin put the ring on Jess’s finger, which was the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen. The fancy Duane Reade lighting really made that thing sparkle! There were also paparazzi hired for this proposal: Devin’s sister Lauren and her boyfriend Matt, who documented the whole thing with photos and a video. Just what Jess had hoped for! The two then went off to a surprise dinner with their parents, and had the best night and weekend telling friends and family the big news while celebrating with lots of champagne!

Wedding date: 7/25/15
Venue: Liberty Warehouse
Florist: Rebecca Shepard
Lighting: Pegasus Productions
Band: Hank Lane Productions; Dane Wright Band
Paper: Fancy That
Wedding Coordinator: Joanna Solazzo, Maid to the Maids
Food trucks: Ben and Jerry’s
DJ: DJ Request
Cake: Madison Lee
Tux: The Black Tux
Hair: Styles on B
Make Up: Natalie Sky
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Veil: Suzanne’s Hat Shop

Thank you Jessica & Devin for sharing your amazing story with us!

Jessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & DevinJessica & Devin

Kristen & Jeff

Kristen and Jeff met 4 years ago. For about a month before that, Kristen had been praying every night before she went to bed that she would meet her soul mate. She would think about him for hours before she fell asleep – wondering what he would look like, what his voice would sound like, how tall he would be, how she would feel when she first met him, and how she would even know that it was him! Kristen had been through many boyfriends in the past and knew none of them were “the right one” for her – she would always think “this is ok for now”. But she was ready to meet the right one. Kristen was tired of “this is ok for now”.

Right before the happy couple met, Kristen had a very vivid dream about a blonde haired, blue-eyed guy that she had never met before. So when she met Jeff she just knew it was him! Anyone who had ever met Jeff for the first time asked Kristen when they were going to get married. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before! Even her parrot loved him. They were best buddies.

Their relationship became serious and exclusive immediately. But Kristen realized it was love when the couple had their first fight and instead of storming out of the room and not caring if she ever saw him again, she wanted to discuss with him how she was feeling and how they could work together to come to a mutual understanding. Their relationship inspired Kristen to be a better person.

Jeff proposed on Kristen’s birthday. She came home to a dark house with candles on the table. Jeff had already started dinner and had poured some wine. He created the most intimate, romantic atmosphere and she was floored. After dinner he gave her some presents, and then got down on one knee, with their parrot on his shoulder, and asked Kristen to marry him. Simple, elegant, and intimate. The night was just perfect.

But the most significant coo was that Kristen’s mom met Jeff, and liked him before she passed away. She never approved of any of Kristen’s previous boyfriends so she knew that this relationship was special.

Wedding Date: June 28, 2015

Venue: Crestwood Manor

Dress: Justin Alexander

Thank you Kristen and Jeff for sharing your love story with us!

Kristen and JeffKristen and JeffKristen and JeffKristen and JeffKristen and Jeff

Casey & Jason

Casey & Jason met through mutual friends. Casey went to college with Jason’s best friend, whom he lived with coincidentally in the same building as her friends, after college (bridesmaids and groomsmen at their wedding!). The couple had bumped into each other a few times before they started dating.

Casey & Jason realized it was love from the beginning by how easy and comfortable it felt to be around each other.

Jason proposed on the beach of Dune Road in the Hamptons. He had told Casey they would be having brunch with another couple but then took a detour to the beach instead and popped the question!

Wedding Date: June 13, 2015
Venue: Temple Emanu-El Closter, NJ
Flowers: Wildflowers
Band: Reggie Woods at Hank Lane
Dress: Vera Wang

Thank you Casey and Jason for sharing your story with us!

Casey & JasonCasey & JasonCasey & JasonCasey & JasonCasey & JasonCasey & Jason

Nikki & Jason

Nikki and Jason met immediately after college at a graduation party. Nikki was the only girl there that Jason didn’t already know so he started talking to her and they ended up talking all night until Jason ended up asking Nikki out on a date!

The couple remained just friends that went on dates for about a year and then Jason had an accident one night. Nikki was there for him while he healed and that was when they both realized it was true love.

Nikki was under the impression that she was going to Disney World to celebrate Jason’s dad’s 55th birthday. Jason had informed the group that he was going to surprise everyone with a behind the scenes tour of Epcot. When they arrived, they were escorted to an aquarium and he told everyone that the “tour” would begin soon. Jason had Nikki’s favorite character Minnie Mouse waiting to distract her with a few photo opportunities, and once everything was in place, Minnie brought Jason and Nikki over to the window to take some solo photos. A scuba diver appeared behind them and Nikki had no idea what was going on until Jason was down on one knee pointing to the scuba diver holding a sign that said “Nikki Will You Marry Me?” Once Nikki said Yes, Mickey Mouse appeared in the tank as a diver holding a congratulations sign. Nikki went to call her parents and before she could realize that she had no cell service, Minnie Mouse ran out with her parents!

Nikki and Jason who are both terrible dancers decided to turn to Fred Astaire to choreograph their first dance as a married couple. They went to lessons for a year and told their instructors they needed to do a dance that would reflect their fun and silly relationship dynamic. They shocked all their guests when they did a perfect routine to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Their friends are still talking about it!

Wedding Date: April 25, 2015
Venue: The Plaza, New York City
Band: Bobby Attiko Band
Florist: Ed Libby
Dress: Mark Zunino
Tux: Tom Ford
Cake: Sylvia Weinstock
Event Planner: Emily Reifel, CPS Events at the Plaza

Thank you Nikki & Jason for sharing your story with us!

Nikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & Jason

Elene & Chris

Elene & Chris met while Elene was in Law School. Chris had seen a picture of her on MySpace and messaged her until she agreed to go out with him. At first, Elene had no interest at all, but Chris was persistent! The couple dated for a few months and then took a hiatus for a couple of years, dated other people and reconnected a couple of years later. They had a rocky beginning but the past 5 years has solidified them in a way that nothing else compares to. The rest is history.

Elene fell in love with Chris first. He made her laugh more than any other man, he remembered every detail and comment she would ever make, and continuously surprised her with the little things to show he cared. Chris took his time in growing up and committing. When the time was right, Chris was the one that pushed their relationship forward. He insisted they move in together and take the next step. Elene reluctantly agreed, not keen on sharing closet space! But at this point their relationship had matured and they both realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Elene & Chris talked about getting married and Elene knew it was in the near future, but she did not expect it when it came. Being one of the first nice weekends after a brutal winter, the couple had jammed their weekend with plans to go hiking and other activities with friends. The night before they got engaged they had gone out and ran into Chris’ sister, and after filling her in on their weekend plans, she pulled Elene aside and said “do you ever want to get engaged – he needs some free time to get you a ring!” She planted the seed in Elene’s head – wow am I getting engaged this weekend? So when Chris asked Elene if she wanted to go down to the beach for a walk, after a morning of hiking, she was thinking is this it? But when he came home, in his workout clothes, not showered, completely casual she thought definitely not. They went into town for lunch and drinks, and then Chris insisted they head to the beach. As the couple was walking down West Neck Beach, Chris starts acting strangely, very affectionate, talking about their relationship and how much they’ve been through and how much he loves Elene. All of a sudden Chris pulls out a box from his pocket – and proposes. Elene was the worst recipient. She laughed and giggled and said this is so weird over and over. She thinks there was a yes in there but Chris doesn’t recall hearing one. Elene was in complete shock, it was completely surreal and such a wonderful feeling!

The morning of their wedding was the first time Elene had ever seen Chris cry. He had left her a card with some of the sweetest, most moving words she has ever heard him say, along with a note to look in his nightstand. While they agreed no wedding gifts, there was a gift for Elene hidden there for her to find. It was the perfect day.

Wedding Date: June 6, 2015
Venue: Larkfield
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Sergio Rossi

Thank you Elene & Chris for sharing your love story with us!

Elene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & Chris