Nikki & Jason

Nikki and Jason met immediately after college at a graduation party. Nikki was the only girl there that Jason didn’t already know so he started talking to her and they ended up talking all night until Jason ended up asking Nikki out on a date!

The couple remained just friends that went on dates for about a year and then Jason had an accident one night. Nikki was there for him while he healed and that was when they both realized it was true love.

Nikki was under the impression that she was going to Disney World to celebrate Jason’s dad’s 55th birthday. Jason had informed the group that he was going to surprise everyone with a behind the scenes tour of Epcot. When they arrived, they were escorted to an aquarium and he told everyone that the “tour” would begin soon. Jason had Nikki’s favorite character Minnie Mouse waiting to distract her with a few photo opportunities, and once everything was in place, Minnie brought Jason and Nikki over to the window to take some solo photos. A scuba diver appeared behind them and Nikki had no idea what was going on until Jason was down on one knee pointing to the scuba diver holding a sign that said “Nikki Will You Marry Me?” Once Nikki said Yes, Mickey Mouse appeared in the tank as a diver holding a congratulations sign. Nikki went to call her parents and before she could realize that she had no cell service, Minnie Mouse ran out with her parents!

Nikki and Jason who are both terrible dancers decided to turn to Fred Astaire to choreograph their first dance as a married couple. They went to lessons for a year and told their instructors they needed to do a dance that would reflect their fun and silly relationship dynamic. They shocked all their guests when they did a perfect routine to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Their friends are still talking about it!

Wedding Date: April 25, 2015
Venue: The Plaza, New York City
Band: Bobby Attiko Band
Florist: Ed Libby
Dress: Mark Zunino
Tux: Tom Ford
Cake: Sylvia Weinstock
Event Planner: Emily Reifel, CPS Events at the Plaza

Thank you Nikki & Jason for sharing your story with us!

Nikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & JasonNikki & Jason

Elene & Chris

Elene & Chris met while Elene was in Law School. Chris had seen a picture of her on MySpace and messaged her until she agreed to go out with him. At first, Elene had no interest at all, but Chris was persistent! The couple dated for a few months and then took a hiatus for a couple of years, dated other people and reconnected a couple of years later. They had a rocky beginning but the past 5 years has solidified them in a way that nothing else compares to. The rest is history.

Elene fell in love with Chris first. He made her laugh more than any other man, he remembered every detail and comment she would ever make, and continuously surprised her with the little things to show he cared. Chris took his time in growing up and committing. When the time was right, Chris was the one that pushed their relationship forward. He insisted they move in together and take the next step. Elene reluctantly agreed, not keen on sharing closet space! But at this point their relationship had matured and they both realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Elene & Chris talked about getting married and Elene knew it was in the near future, but she did not expect it when it came. Being one of the first nice weekends after a brutal winter, the couple had jammed their weekend with plans to go hiking and other activities with friends. The night before they got engaged they had gone out and ran into Chris’ sister, and after filling her in on their weekend plans, she pulled Elene aside and said “do you ever want to get engaged – he needs some free time to get you a ring!” She planted the seed in Elene’s head – wow am I getting engaged this weekend? So when Chris asked Elene if she wanted to go down to the beach for a walk, after a morning of hiking, she was thinking is this it? But when he came home, in his workout clothes, not showered, completely casual she thought definitely not. They went into town for lunch and drinks, and then Chris insisted they head to the beach. As the couple was walking down West Neck Beach, Chris starts acting strangely, very affectionate, talking about their relationship and how much they’ve been through and how much he loves Elene. All of a sudden Chris pulls out a box from his pocket – and proposes. Elene was the worst recipient. She laughed and giggled and said this is so weird over and over. She thinks there was a yes in there but Chris doesn’t recall hearing one. Elene was in complete shock, it was completely surreal and such a wonderful feeling!

The morning of their wedding was the first time Elene had ever seen Chris cry. He had left her a card with some of the sweetest, most moving words she has ever heard him say, along with a note to look in his nightstand. While they agreed no wedding gifts, there was a gift for Elene hidden there for her to find. It was the perfect day.

Wedding Date: June 6, 2015
Venue: Larkfield
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Sergio Rossi

Thank you Elene & Chris for sharing your love story with us!

Elene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & ChrisElene & Chris

Marissa & Jeff

Marissa & Jeff met at a bar for Jeff’s friend’s birthday. Marissa had been having a drink talking to Jeff’s best friend/ roommate who was hitting on her. After giving Marissa his number and getting up to use the restroom – Jeff sat down. Marissa & Jeff talked for a while and decided to go home together. The next morning Marissa met her girlfriends for brunch where she proceeded to tell them how uninterested she was in the guy she just met. Marissa’s best friend said that she would one day end up marrying him.

When the couple met, Marissa was working night shifts as a nurse at Mount Sinai. Marissa realized that she would get this feeling every time the couple left each other that she felt like they never had enough time together. Their love for Indiana University didn’t hurt in helping them along. They both went to IU graduating 2 years apart from each other. Although the couple didn’t meet at school, Marissa does remember one of the first parties she went to at Indiana happened to be at Jeff’s house!

Marissa & Jeff had spoken about getting engaged while on a trip to the Dominican Republic. Jeff knew Marissa always wanted the proposal to be intimate and in their apartment that they share. Jeff devised a plan for Marissa to go to dinner with her friend, while he set up the proposal. Marissa texted Jeff while at dinner asking him if he wanted anything to eat – to which he replied bring him home a meatball sub. When Marissa came home to the apartment, there were her favorite sunflowers spread across the table with pictures from the 3 years prior. There were also 2 cards. This is sentimental for the couple, because Marissa always gave Jeff two cards (one funny, one nice) – so in perfect fashion there was one funny and one nice card. The couple has sliding doors in their apartment, behind which Jeff was down on his knee. After giggling will you marry me – Jeff asked if he could stand up since his knee was starting to hurt. After much hugging and kissing, the couple called friends and family and Jeff happily ate his sub. When Jeff tells the story he says, “she got a ring, I got a meatball sub.”

Wedding Date: May 9, 2015
Venue: Congregation B’nai Tikvah
Flowers: Marquis Florals by Kim
Band: The Groove Shop
Dress: Sophia Tolli
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Sneakers: Nike ID Heeled Sneakers

Thank you Marissa & Jeff for sharing your special day with us!

Marissa & JeffMarissa & JeffMarissa & JeffMarissa & JeffMarissa & JeffMarissa & Jeff

Leora & Jason

Leora & Jason met at a bar a few summers ago. That night, Jason asked Leora out on a date. Their first date was truly wonderful – so wonderful in fact that Leora knew they would one day be married. A fact of which Leora was so confident that she called her mother and all her friends to tell them about her future husband!

Jason was still very much enjoying his bachelorhood at this point and didn’t reciprocate Leora’s feelings. The couple ran into each other again a few years later at a party and Jason asked Leora out for a second date. Leora was very hesitant at first because of their earlier interaction but said yes eventually. She was so glad that she did because the couple hasn’t looked back since. Once Jason committed he did it with 100% enthusiasm. The couple became serious pretty quickly and was engaged the following summer!

Leora knew she was in love after their very first date. But it took Jason a bit longer. The couple had tickets for a Michael Buble concert on a Sunday night. They almost didn’t go because they didn’t know his music and Jason had to leave early the next day for a business trip. They went into the concert planning to leave early, but stayed until the very end because it was so good! They randomly got chosen for upgraded seats and were about 5 feet away from Michael Buble. It was such a fun and romantic concert. The couple danced and twirled in their section and Leora knew in her heart that something had changed for both of them that night. At the end of the concert they said an extended goodbye because they knew they wouldn’t see each other for 4 days and then went to their respective subways to go home. While Leora was walking to her subway, she found herself lost in a reverie re-living the wonderful happy evening and feeling simultaneously sad after their goodbye. She was startled out of her day dreaming when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Leora turned around and there was Jason! Breathlessly, Jason told Leora he couldn’t leave for his trip without first telling her he was in love with her. The whole night felt like it was straight out of an 80’s love movie. It was perfect.

The Proposal.
Last August Jason asked Leora to meet him for a Happy Hour one night. As the couple had an upcoming trip planned, they had to pack but Leora agreed because who was she kidding- she never turns down Happy Hour! Jason took Leora to the bar they went to on their first date all those summers ago and told her how although he wasn’t ready to commit back then, he had known in his heart that one day they would be together. It was the perfect happy hour but they had to rush to get packing! While walking to Leora’s apartment they passed by a small & magical community garden that Leora loves. She felt rushed but Jason was being so sweet and cute that he successfully convinced her to spare a few more minutes to walk around the garden. Small acting troupes and musicians often practice there so she didn’t find it odd that there was a trumpet player practicing off to the side. The couple was just walking around when Leora heard the first few notes of their favorite sound “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo. Leora turned to Jason excitedly that they were playing their song when he got down on one knee and proposed. Leora got so excited that she dropped down to her knees too! In fact, Leora was so giddy she forgot to even say, “YES” or look at the ring- she just stayed on the floor hugging Jason so hard. She obviously said YES! To top it off, the couple left for a week in Italy right afterwards so it felt like a honeymoon!

Wedding Date: May 10, 2015
Venue: Temple Emanuel in Closter, NJ

Dress: Zuhair Murad

Thank you Leora & Jason for sharing your special day and amazing love story with us!

Leora & JasonLeora & JasonLeora & JasonLeora & JasonLeora & Jason

Emily & Uri

Emily & Uri were an accidental set up. Emily was supposed to meet Uri’s older brother, but he was seeing someone at the time. Their father decided to pass Emily’s number along to his other son – Uri!

Emily knew Uri was the one from their first date, even though he took her to a French bakery and she’s allergic to gluten. Emily was not the type of dater who got excited about people easily, so she knew this was special. It took Uri a bit longer!

Uri proposed in the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park. The couple often takes walks there, and that is where Uri told Emily he loved her for the very first time.

On their wedding day, Uri walked down the aisle to “For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her” by Simon & Garfunkel

Wedding Date: March 29, 2015
Venue: Temple Emanuel in Closter, NJ
Dress: Angel Sanchez
Florist: Atlas
Band: Neshoma Orchestra

Thank you Emily & Uri for sharing your love story with us!

Emily & UriEmily & UriEmily & UriEmily & UriEmily & Uri